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Free Gift Wrapping Classic Equine 6 1/2" Performance Twisted Wire Snaffle Bit Classic Equine Straight Shank Bit
Specify in comments if you have more than one item on order if you would like all wrapped or just a specific item, etc. Good bit for reinforcing collection and shoulder elevation. Ideal for finished, well-broke horses.
Short Shank Loose Ring Gage - Twisted Chain Wire Professional's Choice Long Doublebar Ported Chain Professional's Choice Swept Back Double Bar Chain
A stainless steel short shank gag with loose rein ring functions similar to a ring bit but allows the use of a curb chain to increase collection and bend. Ported Chain: Slight pallet pressure with good tongue relief. More feel across the bars than a regular chain. The chain mouthpiece is mild yet more aggressive than a two or three-piece snaffle mouthpiece.
Classic Equine Bit Tool Box Ported Twist Wire 7 1/2" Shank Classic Equine D-Ring Bit Classic Equine Straight Shank Bit
Classic Equine D-Ring Bit
Our Price: $109.99
This Tool Box series ported twisted wire bit is an advanced bit that applies pressure to all parts of the mouth and sides of the tongue. A necessity in any horseman’s toolbox, the D Ring Snaffle has a nice weight, balance, and feel. Roller barrel helps keep nervous horses busy and promotes salivation.